Santana Moss Is Hard to Tackle

10.02.06 11 years ago

Objectively speaking, yesterday was a pretty fucking sweet day for football (ignoring, of course, a certain Sunday night game that I should have turned off sooner). There was so much joy yesterday in the NFL: the return of Marty Schottenheimer's conservative play-calling costing his team a win; the continuing implosion of the Dolphins; the awesome Jets-Colts showdown that played out like a game of Madden.

But the best game yesterday had to have been the Redskins' 36-30 overtime win against the Jags. Santana Moss: 4 catches, 3 touchdowns. Good Lord. Matt Leinart couldn't score at that rate in a bar full of undergrads.

This only proves that it's crazy to start picking out playoff teams before Week 7 or so. Two weeks ago the Jags were the best team in the league and the Redskins' season looked over. Now they're both sitting at .500 and only God and Vince Lombardi know what their playoff chances look like. And maybe Shannon Sharpe, but there's no way he could effectively communicate that to anybody who speaks English.

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