Saquon Barkley Had The Best Two-Yard Reception In NFL History

There hasn’t been an awful lot of reason to be excited about the New York Football Giants this season (or, really, in a few seasons), as they continue to toil away at the bottom of the NFL, sitting at 4-9 coming into Sunday.

With Daniel Jones out with a neck injury that might end his season, it is Mike Glennon playing quarterback for one of the NFL’s worst offensive teams, and it doesn’t seem likely that New York is going to provide a late season surge to bring some optimism to the fan base. That said, they do still have Saquon Barkley, and while the very talented running back is at the mercy of his offensive line oftentimes in terms of his overall impact on the game, he does occasionally provide the flashes of his immense talent.

On Sunday, that came in the passing game on what I feel confident in saying is the best two-yard reception in league history, when Glennon threw him a pass in the backfield so far behind him all he could do is stick his right hand back and, somehow, grab the tip of the football. From there he maintains his balance and fights for a first down on 3rd and 1 for what is, truly, one of the highlights of the Giants season.

Yes, the gloves are helpful in making a catch like this, but this is also an absurd combination of coordination, strength, and balance to reach back and get a hand on the ball, squeeze the tip of the ball to hold on to it, and stay on his feet and have the ability to break through a tackler to reach the sticks.