Sarah Palin Rips ESPN Over Curt Schilling, Saying ‘You Use Stats’ Too

If you couldn’t get enough Sarah Palin during her Facebook post blasting ESPN over Curt Schilling’s suspension, then you’re going to love this. Following her “idiot” filled interview with Donald Trump, Palin took some time to address the ESPN suspension with much of the same reasonable content she used in her open statement online. With plenty of forethought on the subject and research on “stats,” Palin calls out ESPN on their decision to pull Schilling over his retweet that seemed to compare Muslims to the Nazis, saying that the network should’ve just stuck to sports:

“Schilling’s Tweet, well it was just a stat…ESPN, you use stats. It’s true, 88% of Egyptian Muslims favor death over anyone leaving Islam and these views are seen by reasonable people as being extreme. So, ESPN, by denying the accuracy of that stat, of the tweet, it shows your utter weakness. As…you guys just swallowing ISIS propaganda…Terrorists using ESPN to mislead the public on the very real threat of terrorists.”

She then goes to an expert from Breitbart Sports on the matter, which honestly gets worse than just Palin spewing on the subject. And that’s not even a criticism of the political talk, it’s a criticism of terms like “sports maniac” and hating on fantasy football. Then there’s the idea that Schilling should’ve pulled a Trump and doubled down.

I would like to point out that Trump did pull a Schilling with the Nazi references earlier in his campaign and pulled it down AND Trump would’ve provided a much better discussion on being a fan of “sport” considering his interests in the USFL, which you can currently watch on Netflix via ESPN’s 30 For 30 series. It’s some real Trump, the way he probably should be viewed.

(Via OAN)