‘SNL’ Perfectly Mocks NFL Broadcasts With This Replay Of A Gruesome Injury

01.17.16 2 years ago

Moments after one of the craziest endings in NFL history, the NBC broadcast moved on to SNL, a show that occasionally makes peoples laugh with timely skits. As if on cue, the cast pulled off something rather humorous, a take on those disgusting injuries that get played over and over and over during a game. And they had the perfect person to pull it off, Pete Davidson, who deadpanned his way through a skit as Jarred Schleff, a QB whose legs separated from his body in cartoon-like fashion. It was half Stretch Armstrong and half Joe Theismann breaking his leg on Monday Night Football. In short, it’s a wonderfully gross clip, one that SNL should be proud of.

Now let’s watch that again.

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