06.19.08 10 years ago 7 Comments

MLB — No chance of me having the patience to write a wrap-up of last night's games, but I'll at least give a New York-centric update: the Mets won in 10 inningswithout Billy Wagner blowing a save.  I didn't realize there was another way for the Mets to go to extra innings… Alex Rodriguez homered for the fourth straight game as the Yankees beat Jake Peavy and the Padres to take their 6th in a row.  They also signed Sidney Ponson, so that streak will be over soon enough.  As will the unlimited buffet in the clubhouse.

Euro 2008 — The last two games of group play (heh… "group play") set all the quarterfinal matchups.  Sweden needed a tie to advance, but the Russians beat them 2-0 to set up a quarterfinal match with scary-good Holland… The Spanish benchwarmers woke up from their siesta long enough to rally past Greece 2-1.  Spain will face the hated Italians in the final game of the quarters… Other matches in this round will be today's Portugal-Germany tilt and Croatia versus Turkey (tomorrow).

SITE NEWS — Yes, yes: that's a new URL you see, although the old one will redirect here.  With Leather's still the same site, though, so don't expect any changes for the worse, like highbrow humor or well thought-out arguments.  Thanks for your patience while we work out the inevitable glitches, bitches.

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