This Compilation Of Scorpion Wipeouts Is Beautifully Tragic

There’s something enjoyable about watching a human being go face-first into the ground while they’re attempting some kind of stunt. It’s a bit sick to glean enjoyment from the pain of another person, but that’s how America’s Funniest Home Videos has stayed on the air for more than 25 years.

Someone decided to take advantage of this and make a compilation video of people doing scorpion wipeouts. If you don’t know what a scorpion is, it’s basically when someone’s face hits the ground and their legs go up and nearly over their head like a scorpion. These people scorpion doing various semi-athletic things, like attempting to gain momentum before jumping onto a Slip N Slide, taking a boogie board and attempting to go belly-first down the side of a gigantic sand dune, or attempting to slide down a staircase on a mattress.

Is this sports? Perhaps. It depends on your definition of “sports.” Is this entertaining? Absolutely.

(via Tastefully Offensive)