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If you saw the main event for the Strikeforce Evolution telecast on Showtime last night, you enjoyed what might be one of the great MMA comebacks of the year, if not of all time. Vince from FilmDrunk saw Scott Smith, an alleged scrub that handed Cung Le and his feet of fury their first loss ever in MMA. Vince brings the poop.

Cung Le was absolutely destroying Scott Smith with crazy spinning back kicks and shit for three rounds — came close to getting stopped a couple times — and then with a minute left Smith lands a left hook and then pounds him out for the win. And this is like the third or fourth time Smith has won with a hail mary KO. He also made Strikeforce look stupid because they basically did for Cung Le what the UFC did for Kimbo — give him what they thought was an easy fight against a guy with no ground game. Oops.

The whole fight is after the jump. Skip to the 16-minute mark for the quick coup-de-grace, a left hook from Smith that’s literally so compact and quick that you’ll miss it the first time around. It’s just totally mind-numbing how dude just gets kicked for 12 minutes and then lands one punch to pull this thing out. My stepdad had a similar experience that he refers to as “his first marriage.” Not funny ha-ha. Just funny sad.

Full fight card results here.

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