Screw It, They’re Worth Nothing Anyway: The Best Of ‘Baseball Card Vandals’

I’m not much for the whole hyperbole thing, as I naturally like to keep my over-embellishment limited to Brittney Palmer being the greatest person ever in the history of history, but I do find myself using the “My favorite thing ever” tag on a pretty regular basis. Well, I’m here to put an end to that today, folks. Because on December 20, 2012 – one day before humanity is set to end, according to people who completely misinterpreted an ancient slab of rock – I have finally found my very absolute favorite thing ever, and it’s called Baseball Card Vandals.

As simple as it sounds, Baseball Card Vandals is simply a crude artistic endeavor by a few unknown souls, who I assume are baseball fans, but it doesn’t really matter. Because as long as I’ve been sitting on my collection of cards that are now worth as much as the cardboard box that I keep them in – thanks a lot, 18 Ken Griffey Jr. rookie cards and that Bo Jackson Classic card – I should have just been doodling on them with a black Sharpie like these guys, because the result is awesome.

Seriously, guys like Rick Rhoden and Dan Quisenberry should be elated that someone is doing anything with their old baseball cards. Especially something as fantastic as this.

(Warning: One NSFW dick drawing on slide 13, so tread carefully.)