The Seahawks Twitter Feed Reveals That The Team Has A Hilariously Low Bar For ‘Legendary’ Players

sidney rice
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There is a chance you forgot that Sidney Rice played for the Seattle Seahawks from 2011-13. Rice was a perfectly fine receiver who suffered injuries in two of his three seasons with the team, won a Super Bowl, and retired in July of 2014 due to injuries he suffered during his career at the ripe old age of 27.

During his three years with the Hawks, Rice caught 97 balls for 1,463 yards with 12 touchdowns, which is nothing to scoff at. A few phrases you can probably use to describe Rice’s time in the Emerald City are “solid,” “pretty good,” and “not exactly spectacular but those are still nice numbers.” Describing Rice as, say, a Seahawks legend is almost certainly not accurate, unless you run the team’s Twitter account. If that’s the case, then Rice is a team legend, as we learned today.

Rice ranks 33rd in Seahawks history with his 97 receptions, tied with guys like Charles Young, David Hughes, and Justin Forsett. As for other numbers, Rice is 27th in receiving yards and 20th in touchdown catches. Sure, that’s a really nice career with a team over three years, but it’s hard to justify calling someone who didn’t exactly put up gaudy numbers a legend. Unless, of course, you’re comparing him to Trent Dilfer, who caught one pass for -5 yards during his time in Seattle. Then Rice is absolutely one of the best to ever play for Seattle.