Quinton Jefferson Of The Seahawks Tried To Go Into The Stands After A Fan Threw Something At Him

12.10.17 1 year ago 11 Comments

The ending to the Seahawks-Jaguars game got extra chippy after Seattle was overly aggressive as the Jags took knees to end the game. Quinton Jefferson and Michael Bennett both found themselves in fights with Jaguars players, with Jefferson getting ejected.

Has he left the field, Jefferson got into it with some of the Jags’ fans, who were undoubtedly saying some awful things at him as he walked towards the tunnel. Something said especially caught Jefferson’s attention, because he stopped and turned around to go confront the fan.

Security stepped between Jefferson and one climbed into the stands to calm down the fan and escort him out of the stadium. As things appeared to be deescalating, something was thrown at Jefferson and he bolted for the wall and started trying to climb over it to get after the fan, before eventually being corralled by security.

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