The Seahawks Celebrated A Touchdown By Playing Out A Baseball Brawl

10.28.18 7 months ago


The NFL doesn’t always make the worst possible decision it possibly could. Well, sometimes they do but then later decide to reverse a bad decision years after the fact and let us actually enjoy football a bit.

One of those rules they reversed a ban of group celebrations, especially after scoring touchdowns. That rule is gone now, thankfully, and a number of teams have had fun with some choreographed celebrations after scores. But none have beat what Seattle did on the road against the Detroit Lions on Sunday.

Tyler Lockett caught a touchdown pass from Russell Wilson early in the second quarter on Sunday, tying the game at seven. And Lockett celebrated a touchdown by appearing to throw a pitch at Doug Baldwin, who also happens to look like he’s in a batting stance. But the ball plunks Baldwin, who then races toward the pitcher ready to throw down.

But Lockett is ready, and he pretends to clock Baldwin as he goes flying to the ground from the punch.

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