Andy Cohen Had The Best Response To Sean Avery’s Engagement To Hilary Rhoda

Back in September, a gossip site that I’ve never heard of ran a story that former NHL player Sean Avery and Bravo’s Real Housewives creator Andy Cohen were engaged after a year and a half of secretly dating. It was a convenient story because Avery and Cohen have been friends for quite some time, Cohen is openly gay and Avery supports marriage equality. Basically, anyone looking for some cheap web traffic based on a vague and empty scandal could have fired out this story, and I’m kind of upset that it wasn’t me.

Despite the rumors, Avery and Cohen responded with jokes instead of paying any real attention to the story, and that’s why I still have no clue what the name of that website is. But now the rumors can be put to rest for good, because Avery and his girlfriend and model Hilary Rhoda announced their engagement yesterday, and Cohen quickly took to Twitter to offer the best response to the news.

As for Rhoda, you may know her from her appearances in the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue from 2009-2011, but she also appeared in last night’s Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show. Not ringing any bells? Fine, here are some pictures.

(Banner via Andy Cohen, images via Getty)