The Internet Had All Kinds Of Fun With Sean Rodriguez Punching A Gatorade Cooler

As you’ve probably seen by now, the Cubs and Pirates cleared the benches in the NL Wild Card game after Pirates pitcher Tony Watson hit Cubs pitcher Jake Arrieta. (And, if you haven’t, you can rectify that above.) Watson’s throw could easily be inferred as an act of retaliation, seeing as Arrieta had already hit a pair of Pirates. Whatever it was, both sides stormed the field, but little arose from the whole situation other than Sean Rodriguez of the Pirates going postal on a water cooler.

As it turned out, that was the most eventful part of the fight. Or the Cubs’ 4-0 win. And because this is the Internet, Rodriguez’s anger management lapse went viral in all the best ways, some of which we’ve compiled below.

Here’s a little reference to a cinematic classic known as “The Waterboy”:

And here’s Rodriguez’s punch to “Punch Out”:

…and to the beats (no pun intended) of LL Cool J:

…and “Mortal Kombat”:

… and “Kung fu Fighting””

… and “National Lampoon’s Vacation””

(Via Pete Blackburn)