11.26.07 10 years ago 19 Comments

Redskins safety Sean Taylor was shot in the groin late last night in what appears to be a botched burglary.  From the Miami Herald:

According to police, Miami-Dade patrol officers received a call about 1:45 a.m. Monday that a homeowner had been shot in the leg. The homeowners told police they heard intruders at the rear door of the house, trying to pry it open.

The male homeowner went to investigate and a female in the house then heard a shot. Paramedics responded and found the victim, with a gunshot wound to the groin.

Other reports specify that Taylor's femoral artery has been severed, and for those of you who aren't doctors or trained in battlefield triage, that's pretty motherfucking serious.  It's basically the fastest way to bleed to death that isn't getting your head chopped off.  Perhaps down the line there will be ATV-related jokes to tell, but for now let's wait to see if Taylor survives.

DEPRESSING UPDATE: The Miami Herald has all kinds of un-cheerful details.

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