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Ever since the Starbucks owner guy sold the Supersonics to a group of businessmen from Oklahoma City, it's been a forgone conclusion that the jackasses in cowboy hats would move the team.  And all this time the NBA and the city of Seattle have done little more than whimper like little bitches about it.  Well, that seems to be changing.

First, minority owner Aubrey McClendon confirmed what everyone already knew when he told a newspaper that they bought the Sonics with no intention of keeping them in Seattle.  McClendon got slapped with a $250,000 fine from David Stern, which is slightly more than I'm going to make this month.  And now Seattle seems to be a little more determined to keep the team in the Emerald City regardless of Clay Bennett's intentions:

Deputy Mayor Tim Ceis, who said in June that any lease could be renegotiated, now is drawing a much firmer line in the sand. […]

"Their desire to leave town is really not the city's problem," Ceis said Wednesday. "That is their problem. They bought a team that they knew had a lease through the 2010 season. We think staying is their best option. […] We think Mr. Bennett should work with us to that end. Or perhaps they bought the wrong franchise. Maybe they need to consider that. They may have ownership on paper, but the Sonics are still Seattle's team."

Bennett has made clear his intentions of moving the team to OKC, even though he's admitted that the team will make less money there.  Basically he's being a dick just because he can.  Listen, I'm not an advocate of vigilante justice, and I'd never publicly call for someone to be brutally murdered, but if police find Bennett hacked to pieces in a Dumpster, I'd like to be friends with whomever is responsible for his grisly death.  Just sayin'.

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