A Seahawks Lineman Stepped On Russell Wilson’s Foot And Accidentally Caused A Safety
You will not see a team score in a weirder fashion during the 2017 NFL Playoffs. The Atlanta Falcons picked up two points after forcing a safety against the Seattle Seahawks.

Well, the Falcons didn’t really force the safety. Instead, it occurred during a play where the Seahawks had the ball on their own three yard line. Russell Wilson took the snap and tried to step back, but right guard Rees Odhiambo stepped on his foot, causing him to fall into the end zone.

Wilson was touched down in the end zone to give Atlanta two points.

If you’re a Seahawks fan, the worst thing about this was the team was in fantastic field position after a punt return by Devin Hester. The legendary return man is in Seattle now and returned a Falcons punt into the red zone. It was reiminiscent of some of the best returns we’ve seen out him.

However, the play was called way back because of a holding penalty by a Seahawks player before the ball was even kicked. This led to Seattle getting the ball close to its own end zone, and one play after a Thomas Rawls run went for negative yardage on the first play, Wilson got tripped up by Rees.