Here’s The Contract A Seahawks Fan Demands You Sign Before You Can Watch A Game At His House

Super Bowl XLIX - New England Patriots v Seattle Seahawks
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The Seattle Seahawks are known for having some of the most passionate (and occasionally obnoxious) fans in football, but none may take their ‘Hawks more seriously than Ken Graat.

Graat, a die-hard Seahawks fan, became sick of friends and family coming to his house for football games, but then failing to actually pay attention to the game. “There was just non-stop chatter and I want to watch all the specifics of the game – who’s coming in, who’s coming out, formations, play calls,” Graat told King5.

That’s why he established some rules and drafted a contractual agreement, titled “Conditions of Football Viewing With Ken Graat,” for visitors to sign if they wanted to watch games at his place. The stipulations contained therein are no joke, either.

That’s a lot of rules but, to be fair, some of them are pretty understandable. As a big sports fan, it’s frustrating when people show up to a viewing party to do everything but VIEW, ruining the experience for those who actually care about what they’re watching.

But some of these rules are harsh. Funny, but harsh.

“If the Seahawks lost, YOU SHOULD LEAVE.”

It also seems like there’s not much wiggle room for negotiating the rules. Graat has established various levels of offenses ranging from warnings to permanent banishment from his house, and those violations are clearly outlined in the contract. He’s actually better at laying out disciplinary guidelines than Roger Goodell is.

Call him crazy, but Graat seems pretty pleased with his new code.

“It’s been real effective,” said Graat. He says neighbors have stopped coming over to his house to watch games but that they’re not offended by his demands.

(Via Eye On Football and King5)