Seattle’s Punter Got Destroyed At The End Of A Completely Unnecessary Fake Punt

For some reason, the Seattle Seahawks decided to go for a fake punt while up by 21 points in the fourth quarter against St. Louis. The play call worked, but Seahawks punter Jon Ryan won’t be happy with the result of the play.

Ryan took the snap and Seattle cleared everything out for him to have a lane right up the gut. There was absolutely no one to stop Ryan, so he scampered up the field with a lot of green ahead of him. At one point, the ball slipped out of Ryan’s hands, probably because he is a punter and he’s not used to running with a football.

While he tried to reel the ball in, a Rams player came from out of nowhere and completely lit Ryan up. The ball was loose on the ground and Seattle managed to recover, by Ryan was obviously in a bad place. Here’s the play from another angle:

Ryan had to get escorted to the locker room, because he was very obviously in a bad place after this one. It was a weird decision for Pete Carroll to call the fake considering the time and score, and even though the team picked up a first down, that decision looked pretty bad when Ryan was motionless on the field.