Check Out The Awesome Thank You Video The Seattle Seahawks Made For Marshawn Lynch

It’s official: Marshawn Lynch‘s NFL career is over. It’s a bittersweet occurrence – Lynch is one of the most fun and destructive running backs in the league, so it sucks that he’s hanging them up (literally), but it’s cool to see that a player isn’t going to spend years playing the game when his heart totally isn’t in it.

Now that Lynch is gone, the Seattle Seahawks need to move on (which shouldn’t be too difficult considering that they played a large portion of this season without Lynch). But before he goes, the team wants to pay homage to its ultra-popular running back one final time with this awesome two-minute video.

It begins with the press conference where the team announced that it brought Lynch in via a trade with Buffalo, then goes on to include a number of highlights from his tenure in the Pacific Northwest. Of course, the two most notable highlights are his pair of Beast Mode runs, first against New Orleans in the 2011 Playoffs, second against a 2014 game against the Arizona Cardinals in a regular season game.

There were plenty of rumors about some friction between Seattle’s front office and the former Pro Bowler, so it’s really cool to see that the team was willing to make a video for the most unique running back in the league.

(via SB Nation)