A Security Guard Confiscated A BMX Bike And Then Achieved Mad Air

Security guards aren’t regarded too respectfully in pop culture. Whether they’re portrayed as incompetent mall officers or exemplified as generally horrible people, it’s a sometimes thankless profession to which not many of the cooler superlatives are attached. That’s not to say certain security guards aren’t capable of truly amazing feats, as this video posted on Tuesday illustrates beautifully.

The clip reportedly shows an overenthusiastic Estonian BMX rider who ignores a security officer’s orders to steer clear of an off-limits area of the park. After catching up with him, the guard seizes the bike and opts for a joy ride, demonstrating impressive skills with an effortless backflip off a ramp–to the sound of roaring cheers from the audience. After waving to onlookers, the guard aggressively pushes the bike out of the park and motions toward the young man, who is no doubt feeling sufficiently embarrassed.

Let this be a lesson to all of you rule-breakers and rabble rousers out there: if you must insist on disobeying authority figures, you better be open to the possibility of getting schooled at your own game. Or better yet, just stay out of any restricted zones entirely. It’s for your own good.

(Via Mashable)

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