10.28.07 10 years ago 4 Comments

I was torn last night with wanting to see Dice-K earn the win, so I could post a picture of the lovely Yoko, and wanting to the Rockies win to stop an almost certain sweep by the Red Sox now, thus ensuring this will be the last time we gaze at lovely Yoko's  . . . eyes, yeah that's it, this year.  Too bad.  The Rockies made a valiant effort in the bottom of the 7th to tie the score, but fell short.  Just as I made a valiant effort to woo a woman wearing a demure school-girl costume at the Halloween party I was at last night, but prematurely . . . er, fell short.  If you'll kindly excuse me, I'm going to spend some time alone with my favorite gravure idol. -KD  

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