The Arizona State Sorority Girls Are Using The ‘Selfie Controversy’ To Help A Great Cause

A group of young women from the Alpha Chi Omega sorority at Arizona State University were caught on camera snapping selfies during Wednesday night’s Diamondbacks-Rockies game at Chase Field, which led broadcasters Bob Brenly and Steve Berthiaume to poke fun at them on the air. It was a pretty funny sight to behold, but the broadcast’s commentary, whether it was just good-natured fun or not, sparked a media frenzy and was criticized for being too harsh.

Following the game, the team and Fox Sports teamed up to offer members of the sorority tickets as a sort of apology. The girls ultimately turned the tickets down, but did so for a pretty great reason.

As stupid as this whole “controversy” is (and it’s pretty darn stupid), this is certainly a commendable act on the part of the sorority, which is doing its part to contribute to Domestic Violence Awareness month in October. That’s actually an issue that’s important and worth discussing, instead of, you know, selfies at baseball games.