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I like Will Ferrell.  I'm sure if I saw Semi-Pro I'd laugh a couple times even if he's just doing the same thing he's done in all his other sports movies.  But this non-stop viral cross-marketing has got to stop.  There's the SI swimsuit thing with Heidi Klum, the ESPN Bill Walton interview with Ferrell dressed as Moon (but speaking as Ferrell), and now this:

In an all-out effort to snap a losing streak to the Harlem Globetrotters that is more than 37 years long, Washington Generals Owner Red Klotz has offered a one game contract to flamboyant player/coach Jackie Moon of the Flint Tropics.

The 6-5, 215 lb. Moon, widely known for his signature teardrop move, has been tendered a one-game offer of $100,000 to play for the Generals when they take on the Globetrotters on Sunday, March 9, at the Wachovia Center, in Klotzs home city of Philadelphia.

I get it, okay?  The movie comes out tomorrow.  But don't write press releases/news stories that treat a famous actor's character as a real person.  If you want to operate under the conceit that Jackie Moon is a real person and an ABA pioneer, guess what?  He's now in his late 50s and he's not going to help your stupid sideshow basketball team.  Just say, "Will Ferrell's gonna play for the Generals as Jackie Moon."  I don't want my press releases to exchange knowing winks with me.  That's reserved for the guys at the truck stop off Exit 37.

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