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Hey funboys, get a room!” title=”Hey funboys, get a room!” class=”alignright size-full wp-image-41″ />

In red-hot and icy hockey action, the Senators trounced the Maple Leaves (the plural of Leaf is LEAVES, goddammit) 5-1 to win their eighth straight game and improve to 13-1-0 and 26 points in the standings, the best start in NHL history after 14 games.  But don't be too impressed: the previous record of 25 points was set in 2005 and tied last year, so it's not like this record is gonna be around forever.  Martin Gerber had 30 saves, and five different players scored for the Sens as they continue to rinse the bad Duck taste out of their mouths from last year's Stanley Cup Finals.

In related site news, I'm hereby retiring the "Hoc-key?" joke.  Its shelf life has long since expired, and its re-use isn't doing anything besides stinking up the kitchen and pissing off the hockey fans — and there are a solid five or six of them whose input I appreciate.  So, from here on out, I might not get around to hockey every day, but when I do, I promise to give it at least the same half-interested disdain that I give the NBA.

College hoops, however, can still go suck a cock until March. 

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