Serena Williams Can't Even Get A Picture Of Tiger Woods These Days

Tennis star Serena Williams was hanging out in the gallery at the Honda Classic golf tournament in Palm Beach Gardens over the weekend, and just like everyone else, she really wanted a picture of Tiger Woods. Unfortunately, the golf Gestapo takes its photography rules very seriously, so when Williams busted out her iPhone to snap a picture, one official told her to talk to his hand, because it seems that his face was unavailable at that time.

Needless to say, Williams first stared the stare of 1,000 demons at said official before firing off the meanest Tweet in the history of Tweeters.


Okay, maybe that wasn’t really mean. I just didn’t actually understand it that well. Williams recovered her composure rather quickly – unlike other times in her young life – and she realized her mistake while noting that tennis players have to deal with constant photography. What’s fair is fair, or something to that nature.

This isn’t really that big of a deal, other than it’s always amusing to watch a superstar athlete be told that he or she has to adhere to the rules like us lowly scumbag peons. But because I watch Patrice O’Neal’s “Elephant in the Room” at least once a week, the official’s hand also reminded me of the part about smushing, and I will use any excuse, no matter how unrelated it is, to post clips of that comedy special. Or in this case, the whole NSFW thing.

(It’s the 56:11 mark for those who just want to understand my silly reference.)