Serena Williams Teamed Up With Dude Perfect To Do Some Ridiculous Tennis Trick Shots

Serena Williams is probably the greatest women’s tennis player of all-time and is unquestionably an icon of American sports. She has been impressing us with her tennis acumen and monster serves for years. As such, you may wonder if there is anything left for Williams to do on a tennis court that would surprise us. Well, thanks to Dude Perfect, we know the answer is yes.

Dude Perfect are the trick shot video masters who know their way around viral content. While they originally made their name with basketball shots, they have branched out into other sports. For their latest video, they joined together Williams to create a bunch of tennis trick shots.

Williams smashes water balloons with staggering accuracy and knocks a tennis ball can off of a dude’s head William Tell style. Then, in the grand finale, Williams uses an oversized tennis racket to knock an oversize tennis ball through a basketball hoop from way up in the stands. She does all that despite being afraid of heights. There are also some pretty funny interview segments in the video to break things up a bit.

You don’t have to be a fan of the sport to enjoy seeing crazy things happen on a tennis court, and if anybody can do amazing things with a tennis racket, it’s Serena Williams.