02.17.10 8 years ago

This isn’t exactly Michael Jordan joining the Birmingham Barons, but it’s always notable when one of the best athletes in her sport decides that she wants to learn how to do nails. Serena Williams apparently has 240 hours to burn to be certified for such a thing.

“Besides the fact that I am coming out with a nail collection from a company called HairTech, I thought ‘Serena, this is a no-brainer’.”

Shortly after returning home from the Australian Open, Williams began researching schools that would let her finish the course at her own pace. As always, the athlete made sure she was prepared to face the challenges ahead. –Radar Online, via Hot Clicks.

Why, Serena? You could buy your own nail technician if you wanted. Of course, this could all just be a front for Serena to scream at more Asian people. In which case, well played, Serena. America may have to send you to North Korea on a “diplomacy” mission. Once those commies get enough manis and pedis, their little empire will crumble like Mary Pierce at a family reunion.

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