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This post was edited after it was first published.

roger-goodell-chad-ochocincoHere’s a rather bizarre photo of NFL Fuhrer Roger Goodell sharing a warm embrace with Bengals wide receiver Chad Ochocinco at Chris Henry’s funeral. It’s been a tough week for Chad, and that’s fine. But whenever I see the guy now, I’m expecting some kind of show.

I wonder why they let cameras into this funeral. Did they do it for you, Chad? Do you have a dance, Chad? Do you have a dance for the funeral? Are you going to spike the casket for us, Chad? Toss it into the Ohio River with the lid open and then kayak past Paul Brown Stadium? Because that’s what it would take to get me interested in your antics again, Chad. Yes, it’s your friend, and you obviously can do whatever you want. And you are.

I’m just annoyed by the way this whole thing has been represented. Before Chris Henry died he was a lost cause that managed to scrape out another chance with his former team. Now he’s a misunderstood family man. And when Chad Ochocinco uses Henry’s jersey as a prop in his Look At Me campaign, Chad’s now “honoring” his friend instead of plainly drawing attention to himself. But that’s not the kind of talk for funerals, I guess. Here are pics of the funeral here, including some open-casket shots that I’ve decided not to run on the site.

Photo from SI/Getty. And this wasn’t much better.

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