Set Up A Quarantine: These Poor People Have ‘That Aggie Swag’

04.20.12 7 years ago 3 Comments

Because nobody learned from UGA’s ‘The Dawgs Are Comin’ For You’, here’s a bunch of Texas A&M’s least coordinated white people doing choreographed dances to a hip-hop anthem about campus locations and semi-national burrito chains in Lawrence Knox’s ‘Aggie Swag’.

College kids, please write this down: No matter how many LMFAO videos you’ve seen you aren’t as good at rapping as your girlfriend flattered you into believing, so if you go to Virginia Tech and get an awesome idea to rap about Burruss Hall over a Kottonmouth Kings instrumental and call it “Bong Hokies”, don’t do it. The 15,000-ish YouTube hits you’ll get down outweigh the shame of bringing your Hot Chelle Rae “swagger” to the masses.

I’ve got to be honest, I was hoping there’d be a ‘California Love’ part at the end where he asks the various trade schools at the college if they’re in the house. “Agricultural, agricultural always up to no good. MECHANICAL, MECHANICAL WHERE YOU AT.”

[h/t Kegs ‘N Eggs]

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