Settle Down, Florida Gators Fans

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10.19.10 10 Comments

Yesterday I showed a rare act of kindness to our Florida Gators friends and readers by not reveling in the fact that the team lost its third straight game for the first time in 22 years, dropped from the Top 25 rankings, and has fallen into a world of uncertainty and chaos. And while I could have pointed out that the Gators’ offense looks as potent as my grandfather’s grandfather, I figured we could spare making cheap jokes about John Brantley changing his name to Tim Shebow. Besides, why should I do it when spoiled Gators fans are already turning an average season into a joke?

The fans behind, which was started in 2004 when Meyer was first hired by Florida, are back in action after the Gators lost to Mississippi State University this weekend in a humiliating drought of offense. Despite the fact that Meyer has, you know, won two National Titles and cemented his status as one of the best coaches – if not the best – in college football, these fans want the Gators coach gone because they’re apparently not in the mood for the concept of rebuilding seasons.

Is a coach bigger than the University of Florida? Meyer looked so sympathetic when he resigned and his daughter basically outed him as an absent father. Then, within hours he decides to come back against the wishes of his very own family. UF needs to just move on. The team is facing it’s largest rebuilding ever (New QB, New Assitant [sic] Coaches, etc) This emotional roller coaster is just starting. Urban is following basketball coach Billy Donovan in turning our mascot into a Flip Flop. Please join the conversation on our message boards…

People often ask me why I dislike UF so much, when I live in a city that basically considers the Gators a hometown team, and I honestly don’t hate them, but this web site is a great example of why many Florida fans drive me nuts. Poor babies won’t win a National Title this year. Cry me a river. I hope Steve Addazio has a job in Gainesville for a long time.

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