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The Pillow Fight League has been making waves for several months — most notably when the girls came down from Canada and had some spirited matches in Brooklyn late last year — and now they've hit the big-time: producers Ed October and Al Berman have bought the television rights to the league.

Finally, a competitive women's sport men can love.  Besides tennis and beach volleyball.  And bikini rodeo pie-fighting.

The TV-friendly twist: PFL's roster of players boasts a slew of attractive females, many of whom compete while wearing skimpy uniforms… "I'm gay, and even I know that girls pillow fighting is sexy," October told Daily Variety.

Silly gay man.  Like we care about sexy.  It's the competition that matters.  These women are athletes, and by focusing on their sex appeal you demean — gah, that's a lot of effort.  I think the loser should have to make out with the winner.

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