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Inter Milan midfielder Luis Jiminez is married to model Maria Jose Lopez.  Last year, tabloid reports claimed that she spent the night with another Chilean soccer player, Mauricio Pinilla of Brazil’s Vasco de Gama, while Jiminez was in Jamaica playing for the national team.  This week, the two players ended up at the same Santiago night club, and the alleged cuckold got a little assault-y (via The Spoiler):

According to a number of reports, Jimenez, nicknamed “the little wizard,” attacked Pinilla with a blunt instrument, causing three blows to the head and the victim of the attack was forced to go to hospital for treatment and was diagnosed with head trauma and a neck injury…

According to the local media, Mauricio Pinilla had approached the couple at the nightclub and was warned to back off. Failing to heed the warnings a fight broke out with Pinilla getting thumped by Jimenez.

Eh, sounds about right.  I can really see both sides here.  Like, I’d be willing to get clubbed in the head to sleep with her.  And I’d definitely be willing to club another man for her.  But then, that’s my answer for everything.  Club club club, whack whack whack, problem solved.  Sorry for the mess, everyone.

(Images via here and here.  NOTE: The last pic is pretty much NSFW, but nobody’s really working today and I don’t really care, so whatever.)

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