You Never Go Full Nick Diaz

Pro Wrestling Editor
09.05.12 10 Comments

As much as I’d like to take credit for that headline, YouTube user dannymorales82 beat me to it.

What you’re witnessing here is the very unfortunate thing that happened when Shai Lindsey took a flurry of shots from Carlo Junio, smiled about it and tried out his best Bane “come at me, bro” taunt. He gets kicked in the face, as anyone doing that taunt should, and after a few shots to the head the only people “coming at him” are trainers and medics. Poor guy. It’s embarrassing enough to be fighting at an event called “Tuff-N-Uff FestiBrawl”.

Open letter to the Shai Lindsey camp: next time he gets knocked out like that, have one of your guys swoop in with a bottle of hair dye. If you fix that crappy mohawk thing, maybe MMA guys won’t want to cave in his face so badly.

[h/t to Maggie Hendricks at Cagewriter]

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