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A Las Vegas hooker was recorded telling undercover cops that her girls had enjoyed the company of high-powered clientele like Bill Clinton and Shaquille O'Neal.

An accused Sin City madam, Esperanza Brooks, 36, dropped their boldfaced names as she bragged about having high-powered clientele while being secretly recorded by an undercover cop, according to a Las Vegas police report made public this week by the department…

Brooks, arrested with four other women, worked by day as a cheerleading coach at the Andre Agassi College Prep Academy, a public charter school the tennis ace founded in 2001 in the ghetto section of Vegas. The two-week investigation ended when Brooks agreed to provide "blond" girls with "large breasts" to three Asian business partners invented by the undercover cop. The fee of $10,000 included a quantity of cocaine.

Well, if a hooker said it, then you KNOW it's true.  Yeah… so maybe the veracity's in question, but this story has Clinton, Shaq, Agassi, hookers, coke, undercover cops, and Las Vegas in it.  How exactly was I supposed to ignore that?  I mean, I can ignore Shaq, but I can't seem to get away from hookers and coke. 

No, seriously, it's a problem.  I wish people would stop laughing and pay attention to my cries for help.

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