Get Ready For Viral Videos About Kittens, Courtesy Of Shaq

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Do you like viral videos, especially ones about baby kittens named ‘Little Noodles’ palling around with guinea pigs? Would you like them more if you saw them on television instead of the Internet? Would you like them even more if someone cut to footage of Shaq laughing after it? You’re in luck, on all three counts, oddly!

Shaq is getting his own viral videos show on truTV called ‘Shaq.0’ Web Junk 32 Shaq Vs. Dramatic Chipmunk ‘Upload with Shaquille O’Neal’.

“Shaquille O’Neal has such a great personality, and he really has a lot of fun with the format and the material in this new truTV series,” said Marc Juris, executive vice president and chief operating officer of truTV. “We’re really excited to be working with Shaq and the outstanding production team.”

“I’ve been a fan of truTV for a long time and I look forward to working with my good friends Gary Owen and Godfrey. I’ve always tried to entertain people and I know this show will deliver big laughs,” said Shaquille O’Neal.

Godfrey! Thank goodness we’ve got somebody involved with experience going “heh, gayyyy” after clips of old things to reign in Shaq’s sense of humor. Anyway, does this sound like a show you’d want to watch, or another show starring Shaq? Let us know in the comments section. Also let us know what you’d call a Shaq viral videos show, because ‘Upload with Shaquille O’Neal’ is pretty boring.

My pick: ‘I Love Watching Shaq Remember Glo Worm’.

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