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Shaquille O’Neal made his debut in the universe of pro wrestling yesterday, appearing as the guest host for World Wrestling Entertainment’s (nee WWF) “Monday Night Raw.” Shaq also appeared as the…if I can read the card here…Celebrity Guest Enforcer for a tag match between Big Show (pictured) and Chris Jericho against the delightfully stereotype-laden Cryme Tyme.

As Big Show was about to choke slam Cryme Tyme, he dropped them, and called Shaq to the ring. Shaq and Show got physical both going for choke slams. The fans went absolutely nuts as the two had fantastic charisma in the ring together. Neither man took the slam as Cryme Tyme came back in the ring to break up the altercation. via.

One of the biggest problems pro wrestling has had since rival WCW’s collapse and subsequent buyout in 2001 has been getting mainstream attention of casual fans. Most of us have watched pro wrestling at one point, understand it, but don’t really go out of our way for it. WWE Chairman Vince McMahon’s idea of bringing in celebrities to host his cornerstone “Monday Night RAW” has fit the bill; even the hosts that have sucked have brought in press. Jeremy Piven is slated to host next week, which kinda pisses me off. If they keep this up, I’ll have to start watching wrestling again. img.

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