This Panthers Player Slammed The Seahawks And Their Fans On Snapchat

The Seattle Seahawks have one of the most polarizing fanbases in sports. In most cases, you’re either a member of “The Twelves” or you can’t stand “The Twelves.” It would seem that Carolina Panthers rookie linebacker Shaq Thompson falls into the latter category.

After beating Seattle in the NFC divisional round last weekend, Thompson took to Snapchat to delivered a very strong message to the Seahawks and their fans.

“All you Seahawks fans, I got a message: F**k y’all. F**k the Seahawks.”

Well, okay then. We’re not quite sure why Thompson, who played college football for the University of Washington, feels so strongly about the Seahawks, but maybe it’s because one of their fans penned a pathetic open letter Carolina quarterback Cam Newton calling him “Mr. Classless” because he snatched a “12” flag from a Seattle fan after the game last weekend.

Either way, someone probably told Thompson that maybe it’s not in his best interest to be talkin’ that smack so publicly — especially as a rookie — because he has since deleted the video. But, as we’ve seen many a time, the Internet doesn’t forgive or forget…even on Snapchat. Let that be a lesson to you all.

(Via Deadspin)