Shaq To Bieber: I’m Your Biggest Fan

07.29.10 8 years ago 6 Comments

While signing huge alimony checks to his ex-wife and not signing with any NBA teams, Shaquille O’Neal is known for being an attention hog, gladly clinging to anything that can keep him in the spotlight. And this week that host body is 16-year old pop star Justin Bieber. Shaq showed up during Bieber’s sound check on Tuesday before his show in Phoenix, and what took place was one of the most embarrassing things to happen to the US Airways Center since the Phoenix Mercury.

Shaq and J-Biebs traded jokes with each other before Shaq professed his love for the pint-sized Canadian via song. Crooned O’Neal: “Justin Bieber, yes I love you. I hope you like me, I’m your biggest fan.” And nobody tell Shaq that his shtick ever gets old, because his brand of humor is timeless and refreshing like Andy Rooney or Vaudeville.

Remind Shaq that he’s 76-years old, Billboard:

Apparently Shaq is a big fan of Bieber, who will be a guest on the second season of his “Shaq vs. Shaquille O’Neal” NBC reality show as the two compete in a dance showdown. Shaq also awarded Bieber with four Teen Choice Awards on Sunday (July 24) while performing at Arena in Glendale, Arizona.

Shaq recently tweeted, “I was at a justin bieber concert he had dat mug jumpin 50 thousand people dat kids a star, and I got his autograph thanks Justin.”

That’s shocking that Shaq would want the world to watch him dance. He’s certainly never done anything like that before. Also making appearances on the next season of Shaq Vs. are Dwight Howard, Dale Earnhardt Jr., Penn and Teller, Shane Mosley and Joey Chestnut. Rumor has it he may also take on Tiger Woods in a battle of losing assets.

Meanwhile, I just found out the other day that Bieber’s mom is 34-years old. So in the event that Mama Biebs is reading this – and let’s face it, of course she is – I just wanted to let her know that I’d be willing to put up with her son’s terrible music if it meant usurping their family’s fortune. What? Chicks dig honesty.

Also, try looking at this without punching your monitor. Can’t be done.

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