Shaq To Wed Former Flavor Flav ‘Flame’ Hoopz

08.24.10 8 years ago 8 Comments


Shaquille O’Neal has rebounded from his wife of seven years Shaunie and I’m quite sure you recognize the name from the hours you’ve all spent poring over re-runs of VH1 reality shows of yore. Hey, I don’t blame you. The idea of Flavor Flav slobbering on a bunch of hot 20-somethings as they struggle between the decision of acquiring more cable television face time by succumbing to the grapplings of a wrinkly old pseudo homelessman who screams a lot or acquiring face time by instead attacking the other women of the house is compelling television. Anyway, the winner of the first season of ‘Flavor of Love’, Hoopz, is now in the towering grasps of Shaquille O’Neal and they’re going to get married. Let’s hope she has a gigantic birth canal.

Perhaps Shaq is planning on feathering his nest with reported fiancee Nicole “Hoopz” Alexander.

According to the St. Louis Post Dispatch, the Big Guy got down on one knee on the dance floor at the Sahara Mediterranean Cuisine and Hookah Lounge in suburban St. Louis over the weekend and put a ring on his date’s finger.

Internet reports say Shaq, who was in the Gateway City to play in a charity golf tournament, has been keeping company with Hoopz, a former contestant on the VH1 reality show “I Love Money,” for a few months. -Boston Herald

It’s good to see that a master manipulator like Hoopz, who also won that VH1 reality show ‘I Love Money’ where they attempted to get all of their former ‘stars’ together in a last ditch ratings grab attempt at showing that it is indeed possible to recover from the chemical baths deemed necessary after spending a night with Flavor Flav, can use her master manipulation skills in the real world to secure the sugar daddy her selfish ass needs to stay happy. I can’t wait until Flavor Flav shows up to the wedding with a tub of gorilla glue and a Swedish to German dictionary and whispers to Shaq, “You’re gonna need this.”

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