Shaq Won’t Let His Ex-Wife Parade Their Children Around On A Reality Series

A lot of times when TMZ runs a story, it’s usually all one-sided and open-ended because that’s the best way to follow up and capitalize on page views. For example, if someone accuses Kanye West of slapping Obama in a Chuck-E-Cheese, TMZ would first run a story that all but incarcerates West and then they’d have a follow-up that would pin the blame all on Obama, before the rest of the media reveals that it was dreamed up by a homeless man on peyote. But yesterday, TMZ had an awesome “he said, she said” story involving Shaquille O’Neal and his ex-wife Shaunie.

The gist of the story is that the former Mrs. Shaq wants to have her own reality show with her kids, but Shaq doesn’t her exploiting their kids. What happens next is just one of the most stellar back-and-forth breakdowns you’ll ever read.

Shaunie tried to get a judge to effectively green light her attempt to put her kids in a new reality show with her … something Shaq is strongly against.

But in her legal docs — obtained by TMZ — Shaunie says it’s all sour grapes, claiming Shaq tried and failed 3 times to do a reality show with his kids. But sources close to Shaq tell us … it’s simply not true, and if a network wanted a reality show … he’s way more marketable than her. (Via TMZ)

Okay, so Shaunie thinks she’s bigger than Shaq and Shaq knows this is horsesh*t. Got it. 1-0 Shaq.

Shaunie also claims in the docs that Shaq was ok with her show …as long as she gave him $1 million, which she refused to do. Our Shaq sources say, ridiculous … the last thing he needs is $$$.

I don’t know about that, because we’ve heard before that he doesn’t have the deepest pockets, hence the drawn out career, endless Icy Hot commercials and the minority ownership deal with the Sacramento Kings. On top of that, it’s been reported in the past that he pays a ton of money in alimony. I’ll give this one to the ex. 1-1.

Shaunie grouses that she needs to do the show to pay the bills, because she gets no alimony. But we’ve learned Shaq pays her $100,000 A MONTH in child support for their 4 kids.

Hold on, is there a possibility that the wife of a former professional athlete is spending her alimony on things other than raising the children? Why, I never! 2-1 Shaq.

Shaunie says Shaq barely gives two craps about the kids and only sees them 8-10 days a YEAR. Shaq sources tell us Shaunie’s lying … he sees the kids “plenty” and is very involved in their school.

I’m not sure about all that, but his kids were there for his Lakers retirement ceremony and he seems to love spending time with them. Not to mention all of the work he does with various children’s charities. It seems like a cheap shot to call the guy a bad dad when there’s at least evidence to the contrary. 3-1 Shaq, for the win.

Now if only Shaq could marry one woman from every reality show that is currently on TV and divorce them all, we might finally have a solution to America’s great cultural poison.

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