Shaq’s Boston Love Parade Continues

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10.22.10 3 Comments

Since signing a two-year deal to play for the Boston Celtics, Shaquille O’Neal has been on a rampage through New England, proving to Celtics fans that he’s still just a lovable, goofy guy, and not a guy who has burned bridges with every team that he’s previously played for. So far Shaq has shown up randomly throughout Beantown – even at a couple’s wedding – for photo opportunities and autograph signings, conveniently with the media in tow. Yesterday was no different, as Shaq Tweeted that he was heading to Harvard Square for “Statue time” after having announced two weeks ago on a local radio show that he’d be doing this. Let’s hope the pigeons were well fed Wednesday night.

Shaq sat motionless* for 40 minutes as fans stopped by and took funny pictures with the Celtics’s new big man. Local police had no advance warning, which must have made for good comedy when “suspicious, large black man causing stir in Harvard Square” came across the radio.

Video and fan reaction after the jump…

From the Boston Herald:

“I’m charging $5 to push the button,” joked one Harvard cop after fans repeatedly handed him their cameras to snap pictures of them with No. 36.

“I was just walking by and I saw him,” said Kendra Rosario, 18, a freshman at Harvard, who joked that her jealous brother and dad “are going to murder me.”

Did Kendra’s brother and father actually kill her? We may never know, but coming up on WHDH’s top stories – Shaq plays dog walker for a day and even scoops your poodle’s poop. Story at 11.

*It’s a good sign for Celtics fans that Shaq doesn’t know what motionless means.

(Video via Last Angry Fan)

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