Stop The Presses: Shaquille O’Neal Is Still Talking About Dwight Howard

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11.14.12 2 Comments


As we’ve previously discussed, one of the latest post-NBA projects of legendary center Shaquille O’Neal is the Comedy Shaq Channel on YouTube, which he is apparently trying to turn into a new version of the classic Def Jam series. And that’s great because he has a lot of funny comedians making videos for him, and he still has millions fans who are somehow still entertained by his goofy behavior. Included in that behavior, though, is his incessant need to pick on Dwight Howard, and it just does not get old for the Big Dead Horse Beater.

In a video for his new series, “Ask Dr. O”, that he posted yesterday, Shaq responds to this Tweet that he needs to stop “hating” on the Los Angeles Lakers’ newest center.

Shaq is a former professional athlete now employed by a network to be an analyst, and he won multiple championships in his career. That said, can you guess how Shaq justifies his endless criticism of the NBA’s biggest clown? That’s right – his rings. But he also makes an interesting point, too, so let’s analyze.

In case you can’t watch the video, here’s Shaq’s money quote, explaining why he gets on Howard’s case so much:

“The definition of hate is when you ain’t done nothin’ and you talk about somebody else. Second of all, I don’t criticize, I analyze. Third of all, I speak from facts. How do I spell facts? S-T-A-T-S. That’s right, stats. But when I say that yo man need to average 28/15 if he wanna get some of these, he gotta average 28/15. I know what I’m talking about. I push buttons. I want him to get mad. When he gets mad, maybe he will dominate, maybe he won’t. I know what I’m talking about. I don’t hate. I create.”

Jesus, that’s a mess, and it comes from a guy who is paid to speak on TV. First of all, the verb hate is defined as:

“feel intense or passionate dislike for (someone)”

But yes, I’m aware that the kids these days have all sorts of new meanings for words, so I won’t argue basic meanings and definitions. The point is that Shaq, as usual, claims that he rides Howard so much because he’s trying to motivate him into becoming a better player. Well this is the 8th year of Shaq trying to motivate Howard, so I wish the Big Tony Robbins the best of luck on the next 8 years.

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