Shaquille O’Neal Thinks He Could Probably ‘Beat The Hell’ Out Of Jose Canseco

One of the biggest celebrity UFC fans that isn’t named Rosie O’Donnell is NBA legend and TNT analyst Shaquille O’Neal, who recently allowed the UFC to use his home in Orlando for the press conference before UFC on Fox last month. Shaq spoke with Ariel Helwani yesterday for UFC on Fox about his love for mixed martial arts, but he quickly changed the subject to how he’d still like to “beat the hell” out of Jose Canseco, who also fancies himself a bit of a fighter and a major sh*t-talker on the ol’ Twitterverse.

If you don’t recall, Canseco took his beef with the Big Social Media’er to the masses a little over a year ago, when he Tweeted the very subtle message, “hey pussy” at Shaq. Being more of an eloquent poet when it comes to organizing his words, Shaq responded, “ill beat your ass rat boy the whole world saw u run from hung man Choy. Set it up ill break your jaw.” Thus, a major feud was born, and even to this day, Shaq still wants a piece of Canseco, but only if Dana White will make it happen.