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An Australian surfer’s leg rope got hooked on a large shark, resulting in an unexpected wild ride at sea.

John Morgan, a 51-year-old surf shop owner… said he was about 330 yards from shore and paddling out when the 10-foot shark swelled up from underneath him Sunday afternoon.

“It freaked me out,” Morgan said. “It bumped my leg rope and next thing it tangled itself in the leg rope and started charging out to sea with me in tow. To say it was like being towed by a jet ski might be an exaggeration, but it was really fast,” he added.

Morgan said he clung to the board until the shark suddenly freed itself and disappeared.

Yeah, I know.  That story sucks.  Sorry.  But hey, up top is the badass video of great whites eating seals in slow-motion from Discovery’s “Planet Earth.”  Get high and watch that, then this story will be way better.   You’ll be all, “Dude, I wanna hitch a ride on a shark, man.  A shark!  Holy crap that would be wild.”  At least, that’s what I’ve been told people talk like when they’re high. I disapprove of illegal drug use. Unless I’m giving cocaine to strippers.

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