Meet The Shark That Put Up A Better Fight Against Michael Strahan Than Brett Favre Did

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Michael Strahan sack sharknado

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On January 6th 2002, Brett Favre flopped down on the ground giving Giants defensive end Michael Strahan the single-season sack record.

On July 30th, 2014 a sharknado shark flopped down on the ground giving TV host Michael Strahan hero status.

Who put up a better fight? Who woke up the next morning feeling guilty about what they did? Let’s break this thing down.

The Sack


Michael Strahan came into the Packers game with 21.5 sacks, just short of Mark Gastineau’s single-season record of 22. He needed only to assist on a sack to break the record, something he had done for 15 consecutive games that season.

Michael Strahan sack

Pro Football Reference

The play in question called for a fake hand-off to the running back, a play-action if you will. Brett Favre was one of the best at these, often exaggerating the motion to fool defenders. On this particular play however, Favre barely attempted a fake. In the infamous words of Fonzie from Waterboy, “he faked about faking.” Strahan came around the end untouched, because you know, why would you block the guy with all the sacks, right? Then Favre, one of the toughest competitors in NFL history, fell to the ground. Well, he didn’t fall as much as he plopped on the ground and sat.

And then everyone had a laugh about it because laughing with your opponent is a regular occurrence in NFL games dot jpg.

Michael Strahan laughing

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Let’s watch that again, shall we?



Shameful all around.

The Sharknado


When an EF5 triple Sharknado struck New York City, everyone was left to fend for themselves. This included TV hosts Kelly Ripa and Michael Strahan, both of whom were stranded in their studio as the Sharknado spun around them. As Sharknados go, this one was epic. In the infamous words of former fat weatherman Al Roker, “this may cause damage of biblical proportions.”

As they hunkered down, two sharks broke through the ranks. One killed Live with Kelly and Michael host, Michael Gelman. The other, the less violent of the two, headed straight for Michael Strahan. Instead of opening his mouth, using his jaws to attack, the shark opted for the belly first technique. A technique not used by any other shark before him.

Notice the angle here.

Michael Strahan sharknado


Without much effort, Strahan was able to shove him back. Michael likes to keep in shape, obviously.



We don’t know what happened after this moment. The camera panned away to Kelly Ripa, who then used her high heel to deliver the death blow. I’d like to think Michael did the dirty work but we’re only interested in facts here.

Kelly Ripa Sharknado


So who put up the better fight?


The edge has to go the shark here for one reason and one reason only. He died trying. He put out maximum effort, he gave it all he had, he gave 110%. Sure, his technique was sketchy. Sure, he attacked belly first. But maybe he wasn’t around for the L.A. Sharknado, perhaps he was a Sharknado rookie. I can’t say for sure.

Favre on the other hand was a veteran, a savvy one at that. A guy who knew the in’s and out’s of the game. And Favre survived the sack. Favre still laughs about it to this day.

So, in conclusion, the shark put up the better fight. This is not up for debate. Thank you.

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