The San Jose Sharks Made A Fan's Dream Come True With A One-Day Contract

The San Jose Sharks and the Make-A-Wish Foundation fulfilled 18-year old Sam Tageson’s lifelong dream yesterday, when they allowed him to sign a one-day contract with the team so he could live the life of a professional NHL player. Sam was born with a condition known as hypoplastic left heart syndrome, in which the left ventricle doesn’t develop properly, causing a lifetime of health complications for infants successfully treated, and he may require a heart transplant at some point. But last night, the focus in the SAP Center was simply on the team’s newest player and the most important hockey fan in San Jose.

Sam received the VIP treatment from the Sharks, as he got to suit up and practice with his favorite players, while participating in all of the pre-game ceremonies, including having his name called during the player introduction. And that’s when things got really, really dusty on the ice.

(H/T to Next Impulse)