The Most Important Thing You’ll Read About Today: Shaun White Got A Haircut

If there’s one thing I’ve learned from being the editor-in-chief of a sports comedy blog, it’s that dating a supermodel can be rough on your hair. Remember when Tom Brady hooked up with Gisele Bundchen and his hair started getting weird, and how even now he’ll show up to random charity events with spit-curl fauxhawks? Well, Shaun White is next.

As you may know from our constant groaning about it, Only Snowboarder Anybody Can Name Shaun White is dating supermodel Bar Refaeli. To prove my SUPERMODELS HATE WHATEVER HAIR YOU HAVE WHEN THEY MEET YOU theory, Bar orchestrated the shearing of Shaun’s signature “Flying Tomato” hair, instantly transforming him from DANGEROUS EXTREME SPORTS REBEL into … well, he kinda looks like Clay Aiken.

Check it out for yourself:

The “story” we’re being “given” by “Shaun White” is that he cut it for Locks Of Love, but what I choose to believe is much more important, and … okay, fine, I’ll give him credit. That’s a cool thing to do, especially when your hair is part of your whole thing, and I guess that’s why he gets to date a Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue cover model and buy a 4-million dollar house and win Teen Choice Awards or whatever.

He really does look like Clay Aiken now, though.

[h/t to The Roosevelts]