Shawn Thornton Continues To Be The NHL’s Best Troll With This Crying Baby Impression

Shawn Thornton has had quite a hot start to the NHL playoffs. No, the Panthers forward hasn’t scored any goals or recorded any assists through the Panthers’ first two games in their opening round series against the Islanders. But then again, considering he only had five points all season, that’s not really his game.

Thornton’s job as a fourth-liner and veteran enforcer is to bring energy, get under the skin of his opponents, occasionally kick some ass, and talk a whole lot of sh*t to throw opposing players off their game. Thornton excuted a noteworthy troll job on young Islanders stud Ryan Strome during Game 1, and he showcased consistency by doing the same to Cal Clutterbuck during Game 2 on Friday night.

While Thornton used the ol’ “who are you?” routine to peeve Strome, he elected to taunt Clutterbuck by doing his best impression of a wailing baby after Clutterbuck complained that he couldn’t breath during a scrum. And, to be honest, Thornton pulls off one hell of a wailing baby impression.

Clutterbuck, a veteran tough guy himself, seemed to be more amused than anything by Thornton’s antics. Who can blame him? At least Thornton had enough respect to not punch him directly in the nuts.

(Via HockeyWebcast)