09.18.07 11 years ago 33 Comments

In what is either a really interesting story or just another reason to fire up the ol' Rumormobile, Internet sleuth Tony points out that Canadian porn star Tiffany Towers — whom I've never head of until just now, honest — has a MySpace page that lists Chargers linebacker/steroid user Shawne Merriman as one of her top friends.

What does this mean?  Has Merriman been spending part of his off-season in well-weathered parts of Canadia?  Or are he and Towers just humping?  Answer: it's possible!

Let this be a lesson for all you young bloggers out there: nothing is too pointless to blow out of proportion, especially if it gives you a reason to post a picture of a porn star.  I didn't get where I am today by posting facts, that's for sure.  Of course, where I am is a halfway house in Brownsville, Texas following six months of self-destructive crystal meth addiction.  No one ever said keepin' it real would be easy.

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