01.17.10 8 years ago 3 Comments

Shawne Williams, recently waived by the New Jersey Nets for being out of shape, has just been indicted on felony drug charges.  He was busted for possession and conspiracy to sell.  “What was he trying to sell?” you may ask. Usually it’s something like crack, or blow, or weed.  Not if you’re Shawne Williams!  In that case you push codeine cough syrup.

“We brought him in to take a look at him, and (he was) way out of shape … (we) didn’t like what we saw,” Nets interim coach Kiki Vandeweghe said on Friday. “He said he had to go home for some type of medical emergency, for one of his grandfathers or something like that. We sort of made the decision at that time that this wasn’t going to work, so we waived him, and all this other stuff came down. We hope he is OK. We wish him well, but luckily (it’s) not our issue.”–

His target market must be middle school kids who want to robotrip, because they’re still too scared to drop acid.  Who the hell gets charged with 8 COUNTS of felony possession and conspiracy to sell COUGH SYRUP?  This guy is rough.  He’s 23, and his pro career started in 2006 with the Pacers for 2 seasons.  Then he went to Dallas for a season and what…3 months? before being traded to the Nets where he was dropped almost immediately.  He’s 23 and already considered an EX-NBA player and completely washed up.

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